Week 1 Overview

Week one seems to have flown by.  The details of keeping track of food, being sure i’m taking my supplements and Omega 3’s, getting in all the cardio and training sessions, muscle soreness, myo and massage, and a little quiet time, can all seem overwhelming but I can see the importance of including all of these things into a daily routine.  I feel energized, less hungry now (i was seriously ravenous without carbs!), and I see myself being optimistic. I can succeed.  I am succeeding.  I am a success. 

The training sessions were a blast! I never imagined I’d be doing wind sprints again, and to be doing it with all my coworkers is truly amazing.  I have one week until a long anticipated Triathlon, so my cardio sessions were already planned out.  Week two will be a breeze because it’s tapering week.  Less time working out, more reward come Sunday morning.  I did have muscle soreness and fatigue, but it left me energized and ready for the next workout.

My adjustments were great too.  End of an 11 hour workday, get an adjustment, and I feel as though I could go 11 more!  I had myotherapy done on my forearms, and it made a world of difference in my massages.  Also, my low back was bothering me so Sean worked on me and I felt great.

My next challenge and need  to plan is: WEEKENDS.  How do I have my mid-morning Ultra-Meal shake if I sleep in past mid-morning?  How do I not eat carbs at a wedding where they are serving Chicken and Waffles? Does the dancing count as my cardio?  Forgot to take my supplements on saturday even though that’s the day that I organized them all.  Discipline of mind and time has always been a challenge for me, and this is a great exercise in diligence and intentionality.  I have 7 weekends left to keep developing habits that will last a lifetime.  My life is go, go, go during the week, and part of my great attitude is my well-deserved Sunday afternoon nap! Rejuvinating and wonderful.

So: to sum it all up: I need to work on portion sizes, bedtime, weekend craze and wellness, and a little more quiet time and prayer for my heart and soul!

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