Week 2 Mind and Body Status

Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal. – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Keep your eyes on your goals but be open to HOW it all unfolds.  Do you realize how many possibilities exist that will get you where you want to go? We can’t even imagine it!  We must be open to the path changing on the way to where we want to be.

The biggest thing I see happening is the breaking down of the lies that have been in my mind for what seems my entire life:  how much weight I have to lose, my physical capacity, my time management, my creativity and cooking abilities, self-control of thought and of appetite….these are all things that I see breaking down, and being rebuilt on an even stronger foundation: WELLNESS. 

I have found myself cheating with a few extra bites of carbs, a piece of fruit in the evenings, too much cheese, half a glass of white wine late at night…those things will not hinder success, but will certainly slow it down.  I have to ask myself, is that what I want? NO! I have 8 weeks!  6 and 1/2 now! I have to keep going and fighting hard and breaking habits and lies and rebuilding foundations.

Also, I am competing in a Triathlon this Sunday, so the outside cardio has been easy! But what will happen come Monday when I no longer have such a strong and tangible and inspiring goal?  Will my priorities be my motivation? What about my future family? My energy and wellness now? A few sizes smaller jeans?  IF weight loss is a goal, then what happens when I reach that?  What is my goal then? Does that mean my goal now has to be different? Something such as wellness? Longevity? Endurance? Energy? Attitude?  How has God intended me to use my body, and am I doing it well now?  All big questions, all needing answered.  I am opening my mind to a different path to the wellness goal, one trial, one question, one answer at a time.

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