8ww Graduation Day!

Yesterday I completed the eight weeks of the 8ww program!  Boy do 8 weeks sure go by fast!

My original goals were focused around hiking 14ers, having energy on the weekends, stronger in my recreational activities of skiing and biking better, reduce pain from former injuries, and having more ideas for preparing healthy meals.

  • My schedule hasn’t been convenient to hike 14ers this summer… but perhaps I’ll get the chance to do one or two before they’re covered with snow!
  • Energy on the weekends… I still end up missing a lot of hours of sleep during the work week, leaving the weekend for catch up.  It’s something that has a lot of influencing factors, but I’ll be working to improve on for month after month.
  • Strength for rec activities… I’ve definitely improved.  While ski season is at least a month away, I just had a great weekend mountain biking in Durango. I’m pretty intermediate on the mountain bike, but I have to say my improvements on the bike are related to feeling stronger in the arms, legs and core.
  • Reduce pain from former injuries… a lot of progress here! I have a bum knee from running, hiking, skiing that I would rarely put weight on for three years.  While it’s not perfect and still needs time to get 100% this is the first time there’s been any improvement in it during the last three years.  Each adjustment the doctors would test my range of motion, something I didn’t realize was so bad.  The massage therapists focused many myo treatments on my super tight IT bands and hip flexors, which made a huge difference.
  • Healthy meal preparation… I am doing way better, rarely skipping meals! I’m planning better when at Costco or the grocery store.  I knew how to read nutrition labels before, but I just didn’t.  I’m better at taking the time to read food labels.

I will have my post 8ww exam this week.  I’m really curious to see if my cholesterol level went down.  I’ve laid off the bacon, worked out way more, and planned better meals.  I’m definitely excited to see the results that aren’t as visible from the outside!


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