How do we calculate wellness scores?

Before starting the 8ww program, our Doctors Jim Kambeitz or Bryan Zales perform a comprehensive wellness exam.

There are different types of stress. Including

  • Physical Stress-caused by regular activities, exercise, trips etc
  • Emotional Stress-caused by work, grief, relationships etc
  • Chemical Stress-are caused by nutrition and drugs

A healthy body is able to manage these, but can cause disease in the unhealthy body.

The components of the comprehensive exam are

  • Full lipid panel
  • Computerized spinal nerve scan
  • Bioimpedance analysis
  • Functional movement testing
  • Health satisfaction survey

The results of these tests fall into four categories of wellness, which are:

  • Functional Fitness is an indication of how well you are moving your body. A parameter of this test is fat mass.
  • Functional Nutrition Assesment includes C Reactive Protein, Cholesterol/HDL Ratio, Fasting Glucose, HbA1c, Homocysteine, Insulin, Triglyceride/HDL Ratio and indicates how well you are eliminating toxins from your body.
  • General Health includes BMI, Diastolic BP, Fat Mass, HSS, Intracellular Water, MSQ, Phase Angle, Waist to Hip Ratio and indicates how well you are aging and your risk for developing chronic disease.
  • Neuro Spinal Health which includes Involuntary Nervous System, Voluntary Nervous System indicates how well you are adapting to the environment around you.

The scores for these three areas average to your overall score.

  • An ‘A’ grade indicates optimal health, an example of a wellness lifestyle with the body working at 100%
  • A ‘B’ grade indicates good health the result of wellness education but may not entirely be fully integrated into a wellness lifestyle.
  • A ‘C’ grade indicates maintaining health. There will be no symptoms but nutrition is inconsistent along with exercise.
  • A ‘D’ grade indicates poor health. Symptoms of poor health are present and drugs are used to treat the symptoms.
  • An ‘F’ grade is the state of disease where the person is living a poor quality of life and needing multiple medications to maintain health.

Some patients receive their score and are surprised their score wasn’t higher. Some patients feel that they’re healthy even if there’s a few extra pounds around their mid-section.  Some feel that their daily dog walk or walking their children to the bus stop feel that they’re getting adequate exercise.  The tests for our wellness score may shed light on serious conditions caused by high cholesterol or insulin levels, that you may not have been aware of without testing.

In our eight week program you will be taught how to live your best life with proper diet, exercise and attitude, along with massage and chiropractic.  With these tools your body will be able to better handle physical, emotional and chemical stress.


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