Post 8 ww

I cant believe how quickly the eight weeks went. I was very happy with the results. I wanted to lose some weight but more importantly wanted to tone up a little. Losing 6 pounds and dropping 4 % body fat helped me to feel ever better and be able to see those abs again. My phase angle went from a 8.5 to 9.0 which was huge. Remember phase angle measures the cellular health of our bodies so the higher the better. One of the most important aspects that I obtained from the program was the nutrition. Making sure I have a little protein at each meal and eating every 3-4 hours. Having the ultrameal snacks enabled me to keep my blood sugar levels consistent so I wasnt hitting a wall or feeling sluggish. This also helped me to not overeat at dinner time because if I went from 1 pm lunch to 7 pm dinner than I was so hungry I would overeat at dinner time. So timing of food was important as was portion sizes, the hand method works and food choices was also very important. Eating out happens a lot with me and my family with our busy schedule, but with the knowledge obtained in the program it is very easy to eat correctly. I hardly ever ordered off the menu I would tell the waitress the size of protein I wanted and the amount of vegetables and it would always work out. As you can see the most important part for me and for all of us is the nutritional part, feeding our body with the best food choices is crucial. When we say plan, plan, plan we mean write it down and plan. I have always worked out hard, but it was even better with our trainers and the great workouts we did. The myotherapy and massages is a very needed aspect because I did get sore and needed the muscle work, the program will expose imbalances and weaknesses in the body. The adjusments are crucial to make sure the most important system in the body is firing optimal and that is the nervous system and making sure our joints are moving correctly. Meditating is very important to visually the results and unload the daily stress, I found sitting in my chair at home with my headset on worked the best. Making sure my attitude was always ” I can ” versus making excuses, it is easy to make excuses and be average, but to get optimal or excellent results you need to check your attitude and the results will follow. The program definitely works if we all follow the program correctly. Overall I was very pleased with the results and my next goal is to lose another 3 pounds to get to 185 pounds on my home scale. At 45 I feel great and my physiology and wellness score show that I am functioning great.

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