The Influences that Affect our Attitudes Towards Health and Wellness

Have you always enjoyed your veggies? Has a morning run been a ritual for years? How do you handle stress?

Diet, exercise, and attitude are three of the five spokes of health we speak about at the clinic and in our 8WW program.  Missing just one of the five spokes of health (which also include chiropractic and massage) and you’re likely missing a piece of the pie that has been preventing you from living and feeling your best.

Attitude is a big component that closely influences the other spokes of health.  Your attitude affects the way you eat. Many indulge after a hard day with alcohol and junk food; leaving not only your mind, but also your body in poor condition. You may be less inclined to exercise, further perpetuating the cycle.  A good attitude can help you achieve your athletic goals, but a bad attitude can limit you from reaching your goals.  That’s where our team is here to help enthuse and empower you with each step of the 8WW program, from chiropractic to massage, nutrition and training.

Depending on your schedule you will be in the clinic 2+ visits per week.  Some patients choose to get adjustments and myo-therapy the same day as their workouts and others may choose to make separate appointments to cover each.  It is our goal to have you leaving the clinic excited about your progress and enthused to continue the program at 100%.

Of course the stress of our daily lives can make even the best of us lose our focus; sometimes with junk food or skipping your workouts.  The 8WW has a component to help you re-center your attitude and manage your stress.  It’s meditation.

Meditation involves taking control of your mind by directing its awareness towards something else, like your breath. (8WW Program Manual)

You will receive a meditation CD in your 8WW materials.  It is the one activity that is hardest for us to oversee of your 8WW program.  But as the 8WW program creators explain, The Patients who have achieved the most spectacular results are those that successfully learned how to meditate and practiced it faithfully.

Every day, take ten minutes to listen to your meditation CD.  Find a quiet place, clear of distractions, to listen to your CD.  Make meditation part of your daily routine, to be most successful.  Some will choose to listen to their CD in their car, while others might find a place in their home.  The first track of the CD has instructions for meditation.

Please share below how you have built meditation into your schedule and how it has helped you manage your stress and attitude.

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