Chiropractic X-Rays

Are you coming in for your first appointment at Kambeitz Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center P.C.? Or are you coming in for your first adjustment ever?

Either way, you will have a new patient exam which involves getting a set of digital x-rays and using a subluxation and thermal scanner. (And when you leave, you will get to take home a copy of your scan results and a disc with your digital x-rays!)

Some chiropractors that you have been to may not require x-rays before they start treatment.  And some clinics, such as our own require new or recent x-rays.

You’re the One to Benefit

X-rays allow our Doctors to get a better look into the causes and origins of your pain. They say, ‘we only feel 10% of what is going on in our bodies.’ Many people think of Chiropractors as joint adjusters to reduce pain, but we consider ourselves s Doctors of the nervous system. A poorly aligned spine may cause some nerves to fire triggering headaches, reproductive problems, carpal tunnel, foot or ankle pain, bed wetting etc.  By looking at your x-rays we don’t have to just treat the symptoms, by adjusting the vertebrae that correspond with your symptoms, but rather reduce tensions on the nervous system preventing future symptoms.

While in the exam room, after taking x-rays, we will also do a spinal scan.  This subluxation scan gives us a visual of the muscular tension and symmetry. The thermal scan coordinates with the autotomic nervous system and the nerves that travel to every muscle, tissue and cell in the body.  Each scan is unique and the Doctors will go over your scan results with you.

Occasionally we will rescan you to see progress and changes as you’ve progressed through your treatment plan.

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