Juggling balls is a fun activity.  It takes great coordination because you don’t watch each ball into your hand.  It takes the ability to know where your hands are and where the ball is and then being able grasp it without looking.  Everybody can learn how to juggle.  Life is about juggling and how many balls you can keep in the air.  When somebody throws another ball into the mix you either continue gracefully or you drop one or all of the balls.  Well……….I can tell you that I haven’t dropped all of the balls.  I am still eating a healthy diet.  Sure I could do better…can’t we all?  Yes I am still working out…at home more than at the office.  I get a much better work out with Cassie and Dusty!   I am taking my fish oil faithfully.  Ultra Meal dropped off ealry on in the program due to some intestinal issues I think it was creating?  The great thing about juggling is you can always get better and learn to juggle more balls!  I am learning!!!

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