Week 16…ish

Post 8WW lifestyle isn’t too difficult because the program helped me develop lifestyle habits, not do’s and don’t’s and checklists.  Eating healthy is still a goal, and planning is still the vital part of this lifestyle from planning workouts, meals, me time, and adjustments and massages. 

This week I have a renewed strength in cardio.  I have gotten up at 5am everyday so this week to run or go to spinning class, and i’ll have my training session today with the staff at the clinic, and a soccer game tonight!  I feel great too.  A little sleepy, and a little hungry, but for whole foods, not just crap and what’s near by and easy.  I still want to shed a few more pounds and make my total 24 pounds lost, so i have ten more to go, and I know i can do it!  I have to say no to  those sweets, starches, and carb-filled delights, but as Oprah says, “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”.  Controversial statement, I know, but if you think about it, it’s so true!  I have had to buy new pants, and smaller clothing, and i’m loving it!

PLUS, my workouts have been AMAZING.  Yesterday I ran 4.5 miles without a problem! I felt great all day, no joint, hip or knee pain, and a mental capacity above normal because of it.  So i’m making my cardio schedule, grocery shopping list, and food plan, and me-time ( i just ordered a 40 day devotional book on amazong and it’ll get here tomorrow….great way to focus every day).

Week 16, great great great! Habits formed, heart filled, and still on the straight path to wellness!

I also baked chocolate chip pumpkin bread with soy flour (i’m sort of gluten free now), and the trainers gave it the stamp of approval! YUMMMM!

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