Snow Shoveling Safety

Denver finally had a great blizzard… and some much needed moisture!

And with more snow in the forecast, it’s a good time to remember some tips for shoveling.

If you haven’t been lifting weights or don’t work out a lot – take smaller scoops at a time.  The weight of a shovel of this heavy snow is significant.  You can easily load 10 or 15 pounds in a shovel, depending on the size of your shovel.  Be careful as you fling that snow – we have seen many patients come in with muscle and/or joint pain over the past 15 years from shoveling snow.

Take your time! Shoveling snow can be a workout.  It will elevate your heart rate just as if you were working out in the gym.  Be sure to take rest breaks just as you would during a strenuous workout at the gym.  And just as you would at the gym, be sure to have some water – you can still become dehydrated in the cold.

Use proper lifting technique.  Just as you would on moving day – be back safe.  Be conscious that you’re not hunching over and lifting with your back.  To prevent injury: use a shovel that is the proper length for you, improve your leverage by holding your hands further apart on the handle, and bend your legs a little rather than leaning over the shovel.

 Take care and safe shoveling.

And should you need an adjustment or massage after your shoveling adventures, we’re here.  Call us at 303-790-6000

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