Almost 400 Pounds Lost

In less than a year, the 8WW participants at Kambeitz Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center PC, have lost 400 pounds – a very impressive feat!

400 lbs goal

Each week participants weigh in and track their progress to their personal goals.  Most patients start with the 8 week program that pulls together chiropractic, exercise, nutrition, massage, and meditation.

After eight weeks is up, most of our 8 weeks to wellness graduates continue a maintenance program to keep up the lifestyle they adapted to during the program.  Once goals are reached, new goals are made.  Check out some of our before and after photos as well as testimonials.

Thank you to the 8WW participants for your hard work and dedication to reach your weight loss and wellness goals.  This mile marker for our our clinic isn’t possible without your hard work each and every workout!

Come join us! Here is our gym schedule

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