One Year Anniversary of 8WW – 540 pounds lost!

A visual of 540 lbs lost in 1 year at 8WW
A visual perspective of how much is 540 pounds really…

Celebrating 1 Year of Weight Loss and Lifelong Improvements in Wellness

One year in, and we’re excited to see how lives have changed for the participants of 8 weeks to wellness.  For years Dr Kambeitz would talk to patients how they could change their lifestyle to improve their health.  In the past, he would see patients workout but never improve their health, and diet to only gain the weight back.  This was the inspiration to expand the clinic, adding a gym and a myo therapy bay, and bring in the 8 weeks to wellness program at his clinic.

540 Pounds and We’re Just Getting Started!

In the past year we’ve been tracking the weight loss of our program’s participants week by week, individual by individual.  In exactly one year, participants have lost 540 pounds.  That’s no small feat!  But 8ww is not just about losing weight.  Diet programs pull off the weight quickly, and the dramatic results are because of losses of lean body mass and water weight.  Starvation diets do not improve the body’s cellular health.  8ww educates participants to eat correctly, and work out correctly, to replace body fat with lean muscle mass.

Sure, maybe weight loss results would be even higher if we weren’t replacing body fat with lean muscle mass, but then there wouldn’t be the same improvements in health and well being that our patients tell us about.  Read our testimonials and see our before and after photos from 8WW.

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