Pregnancy Pains and Stress Treated with Chiropractic

Moms-to-be Need Chiropractic too!

Pregnancy can be tough on a body.  Ask any expecting mother, and she will admit to some soreness somewhere.  In fact, half of all women experience lower back pain during pregnancy.

The growing baby, will shift a mother’s center of gravity.  As the baby starts to show there is an increased curvature of the lower back, and a woman’s posture will change to compensate for the increased weight .  As the body prepares for labor, the pelvis will change to prepare to give birth.

These changes will cause misalignments in the spine, and may lead to nervous system stress as the nervous system is working less efficiently, but is nonetheless working overtime to provide for the mother and baby.

Nervous system stress can present itself with a variety of symptoms.  Including backaches, constipation, emotional stress, faintness, indigestion, pelvic pain, physical stress, sleeplessness, swollen extremities, and tiredness.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can treat these conditions by reducing the pressure along the nervous system, allowing nerves to fire correctly, to repair and treat the body.

In addition your chiropractor can work along with you to adapt a wellness lifestyle during your pregnancy.  Women who are tired may benefit from nutritional advice to make sure that the foods they eat provide the energy needed without huge glycemic spikes.  Women whose preexisting deposition that causes hip or backaches, may benefit from ergonomic advice.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy

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