Fighting the Sedentary Workday: The Bicycle Desk

In 2012, I participated along with the KCHWC staff in the 8WW program.  As the years went by after college, my level of physical activity continued to decline.  There was the summer I ran a couple of half marathons, and of course the long runs leading up to it.  There was the summer I hiked over twenty of Colorado’s 14ers.  But in between there were plenty of weeks that I didn’t do anything to stay in shape.  Fortunately for me, my body shape doesn’t revolt against me for not working out.  But when I participated in 8WW, it proved that I wasn’t in as great shape as I had assumed.  It opened my eyes about how poorly I kept hydrated; and my cholesterol ratio and phase angle had shown how physical inactivity was affecting my health down to a cellular level.

Throughout the program, and in the months prior I kept a good lifestyle, with better choices on food, and hydration, that the 8WW program instilled in my habits.  But getting in workouts has never been easy for me.  I work for myself, and am not paying the bills unless I’m planted in front of my computer.  Just to get work done, I’m used to working 10-12 hours per weekday, sitting at my desk.

Then one morning I kept finding myself looking at paved bike path routes from Vail to Glenwood Springs, and discovered a new “why” to make the workouts happen.

Immediately I got to work on a solution.  Using all items I already had, I assembled the bicycle desk that I’ve wanted to construct for months…

bike deskUsing a card table elevated by four orange home depot buckets I was able to raise a work station, complete with water, a wireless keyboard and mouse, and my computer over my road bicycle.  I had the road bicycle from occasional summer rides, and the trainer that I swore I was going to use daily at the time I ordered it, like so many others who purchase home workout equipment.

I don’t have a set amount of time that I set up at the bicycle desk.  But I do change into workout clothes to pedal more seriously.  I save work that is best to be done by bicycle: reading through emails, quick replies, and some writing or reports.  Sometimes I step off the pedals and use it as a standing desk, while deep in thought or have to make a phone call.  Then I get back to pedaling.  If I’m set up at the bicycle desk for two hours, I figure I get an hour and a half of medium cycling at a medium resistance.

I look forward to seeing how this change in my workday will pay off once I’m out on the road and trails this summer, and hopefully feeling the fitness level to accomplish the bike rides I strive to do this year!

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