Pets Benefit from Chiropractic Care too!

Just like children and adults, pets can benefit from chiropractic care.  Just like humans, dogs, cats, rabbits, horses all get subluxations, which cause the nerves to ineffectively fire.  And like humans, their pain can affect their daily activities and health.

We’ve had several patients suspect that their dogs might need a chiropractic adjustment.  Some of the ways that you might notice that they need an adjustment is if their range of motion or amount of activity has been decreased.  They might also feel more tired.  Or you may find a spot while petting them that seems to hurt more.

While we’re not a veterinarian or a canine chiropractor, we’d be glad to give our existing patients’ friendly pup a complimentary check up, when you’re in for your adjustment.  It provides you a great opportunity to see what a chiropractor is looking for, when you’re the patient receiving an adjustment.  From watching how the dog moves, to feeling for muscle tension and trigger points.

After you learn how similar your dog’s spine is to your own, you may want to find a veterinarian chiropractor to plan routine care, especially if your dog has medical conditions or chronic pain that may relate to a spinal misalignment.

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