Troy explains Running Gait Analysis

Learn How Gait Analysis Can Reduce Your Risk of Running Injuries

In this video, Troy Bacon a personal trainer, and runner explains the gait analysis services available at the Kambeitz Chiropractic gym.   Gait analysis is a unique service that we offer here to our runners to evaluate their running form, to see whether they’re running safely and effectively.

So how do we do a analyze a runner’s gait?

We send the runner through a brief warm up on the treadmill for 3-5 minutes at a nice easy pace.  From there we capture video using our high speed camera.   We start with a side angle view, and will capture 30 seconds of video from that location.  From the side view what we can see is if they have appropriate knee drive, and if they are heel striking.

Then we place the camera to record from behind the runner, to get a different angle. From the rear we can witness how the joints are moving, and whether the runner is pronating or supinating at the ankles (which means rolling in or rolling out).

We look for anything that is going to effect the efficiency of the runner’s gait.   From the gait analysis, we can recognize if your running shoes are correctly supporting your feet and ankles, and if there are problem areas that need extra stretching and strengthening to improve your form and decrease your risk of being injured by running.

Want on the treadmill for a gait analysis?

We would be glad to schedule a gait analysis for you at your next personal training session.  Give us a call at 303-790-6000 to schedule.

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