How Massages Boost Your Immune System

Malaise by graur razvan ionutThis time of the year many of us suffer from frequent colds and possibly the flu. It’s flu season, after all. The flu happens at different times all over the world in association with the colder months. There are a number of reasons why we are more susceptible during the colder months. Heating spreads particles and bacteria throughout our indoor environment. The dry air from the heating also dehydrates our mucous membranes and lowers our defenses. During the winter months we also absorb little to no Vitamin D.

The best thing that we can do to prevent ourselves from getting sick during cold and flu season is to keep our immune system strong.

One great and enjoyable way to support your immune system is by receiving massages. Massages support the immune system in a number of ways.

  • Massage encourages lymphatic circulation, which removes illness causing toxins from our tissues and rids them from our body.
  • Massage also stimulates blood flow, ensuring that the cells in our body have the proper materials that they need in order to fight off disease. Research has shown the levels of lymphocytes in the blood to be higher following a massage. Lymphocytes are a main cell of the immune system.
  • Massage helps to boost the immune system by reducing stress. Stress reduces the function of the immune system. We all know that massage helps reduce stress.

At Kambeitz Chiropractic we have four massage therapists who are available to provide you with the best stress reducing, immune enhancing massage you can find! Call today and make massage part of your anti cold and flu regime this year.

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