Patient Testimonial: Liz Leonard

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share my comments on my experience with 8 Weeks to Wellness.  After turning 50, I found it increasingly difficult to lose weight and everything I tried just wouldn’t work.  I felt aches, pains, and fatigues more than I ever had in my life.  I was lost and felt there was no hope.  But, after coming to Dr. Kambeitz with my son one day, I discovered this miracle program that changed my life.  I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and decided I needed to put my own health and wellbeing at the top of my priorities.

My experience was incredible.  The program is the best program out there because it incorporates the mind, body, and soul.  You are taught how to eat correctly, make good choices to change your bad habits, and take care of YOU as a whole.  Dr. Kambeitz and his staff are unbelievable.  They support you in every way.  You get adjustments, myothereapy, and laser treatments twice a week along with a 1-hour massage every 4 weeks.  All my aches and pains diminished within a few weeks and I felt better than I had in years.  The program also gives you two days a week of personal training so you learn the proper form and increase your strength and endurance.  The trainers are knowledgeable and highly educated and do a great job of keeping you safe, yet push you to your full potential.

The program also requires you to log your food, sleep and water intake.  Which is so important in your individual success.  You also reflect and meditate which has been huge for me being that I am always going 100 miles an hour.  It makes you stop, look, and listen.  Meditation was hard at fist but it walks you through how to do it and now has become part of my daily routine.  The Metagenics shakes and protein bars are wonderful and help to keep me satisfied and stop any cravings I get (Bonus! They taste delicious). I highly recommend the Ultra Calm chocolate coconut bars aka Almond Joys!

I can’t tell you enough how life-changing this program has been for me! If you are ready to commit and make a change, this is the program for you.  It will not only help you look and feel 10 years younger, but it will fulfill every other need you have to come the healthiest you’ve ever felt.  Dr. Kambeitz and his staff do a tremendous job in supporting you in every aspect and truly want you to succeed.  They are unlike any other group of people that promote a product: they care and they give you 100% of what you pay for in this program.  On a scale from 1-10 I would give them a 20 in customer satisfaction! I love it so much that I have continued to do the program in a second phase.  I went from a wellness score of an F to a B in 8 weeks and now I am going for an A+.  I am confident they will help me get there.  Thank you, Kambeitz Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center! I am so glad I discovered you!

Liz Leonard

Mom/CEO of Mayhem

Leonard Household

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