Dr Zales talks about Stay at Home workstation ergonomics

In recent weeks, a lot of office workers in the Denver Metro area have moved to work from home with the Colorado Stay at Home orders in response to COVID-19. While the stay at home orders are intended to slow the spread of the disease, we know a lot of people are feeling pain in their back, hips, shoulders, necks, elbows, etc from their makeshift work from home work stations.

Don’t be tempted to work from the couch! Poor ergonomics can decrease your energy, focus, motivation, and productivity…!

Dr. Zales explains what to look for to set up a great workstation for the time being while you’re working from home.

Need help from Dr. Zales to improve your workstation? Take photos of your workspace, have a family member take a photo of you sitting in your workstation (or set the camera away with a timer delay if you don’t have anyone else in your household – now is the time of social distancing), and email drbryan [at] kambeitzchiropractic [dot] com, so he can see where adjustments may be made for a better, more comfortable and efficient workspace.

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