Tina’s Shake

You may have heard Dr Jim or Tina talk about their daily smoothies to start their day with a healthy mix of vitamins, healthy proteins, and nutrients.

It is a great way to boost your energy without caffeine. Dr Jim shows how easy they are to make and Tina is sharing her receipe for this morning routine. Let us know if you have any questions and we hope it becomes part of your routine!

Tina’s Green Shake
For 2 Servings
1 Full scoop Vanilla Juice Plus powder
½ apple
½ lemon
Banana- Whole
1tsp- Power blend Omega 3; Turmeric Blend- Power of 3
1 tsp- Maca Powder- Incan Superfood
1tsp- Spirulina & 1tsp Cholorella- Sunfoods Brand; super foods
1 tsp- flax, chia, coconut- Barleans Brand
1 tsp- Matcha Green Tea Powder- Sprouts Brand
½ tsp- Tumeric Powder- Sprouts Brand
1 tsp- Coconut oil- Barleans Brand
Earthbound Power Greens; baby chard, kale, spinach and Muzula
Fill blender ½ with water and ice

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