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Cindy’s 8WW Transformation

This right here is why we do what we do. Cindy has been a long-time patient at KCHWC and was motivated to change her health and wellness after going into retirement. Cindy put in the work and had huge accomplishments. 

A few of the many noticeable results from her 8WW experience included

⬇️ Weight down 22.1 lbs

⬇️ Triglycerides down 464 to 203

⬇️ Cholesterol down 98 mg/dL (235 down to 137)

⬇️ Glucose down 64mg/dL (190 down to 126)

⬇️ Blood pressure down from 147/93 to 121/79

⬇️ Resting heart rate down from 96 to 78 bpm

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