Juggling balls is a fun activity.  It takes great coordination because you don’t watch each ball into your hand.  It takes the ability to know where your hands are and where the ball is and then being able grasp it without looking.  Everybody can learn how to juggle.  Life is about juggling and how many balls you can keep in the air.  When somebody throws another ball into the mix you either continue gracefully or you drop one or all of the balls.  Well……….I can tell you that I haven’t dropped all of the balls.  I am still eating a healthy diet.  Sure I could do better…can’t we all?  Yes I am still working out…at home more than at the office.  I get a much better work out with Cassie and Dusty!   I am taking my fish oil faithfully.  Ultra Meal dropped off ealry on in the program due to some intestinal issues I think it was creating?  The great thing about juggling is you can always get better and learn to juggle more balls!  I am learning!!!


Well I finished the 8 weeks and I think it went pretty well.  Of course I know I could have done better.  I am now waiting on the blood results.  I have already seen the BIA and there were nice improvements!  8WW came along at such a perfect time for me as my body is trying to heal and strengthen.  I know I can contiinue with this lifestlye moving forward.  It really isn’t hard if you keep your goals in mind!  Looking forward to the next 8 weeks!

8/ 27 It won’t be long now!

Well we are in final stretch.  About three weeks left!  I feel like I have done pretty good thus far.  I know I could have done better….as I am sure everybody could do better.  Now I feel like I really have to step up my game!  I don’t want to let myself down.  I need to focus on my “WHY’S.”  For me it will require tightening up my diet and getting in more workouts at home.  I know three weeks may not make much change but mentally I will feel better if I can finish strong.

We all have the ability.  It takes finding the motivation to succeed!

I’m back!

Hi everyone!  I know it has been a while since I have posted anything.  Like anything when you add a ball to all that you are juggling one gets dropped……well I picked it up today.  Wonder what will get dropped now?  Just got done with our Thursday AM workout.  I pushed myself with the cardio but I just don’t feel like I am getting an upper body workout.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really enjoy the workouts and I like how our trainers keep it exciting.  I feel like these workouts are great for weight loss but maybe not specific for weight gain?  I know I could be eating more protein and I am sure that would help.  I need to talk to our trainers and ask for help.  Since day one I have gained almost a half a pound.  This has been great for me and so easy!  I will update you on what the trainers recommend for me.

Support is necessary for success.

Three Days In

Had our first training session with Dusty.  The whole team was there….except Sean.  He had some wedding prep to take care of.  The work out went well for day 1.  I can see this working but hope that I will be able to move into some strength training as well.  Finding time to do the meditation is challenging and my diet is way off the recommendations.  Grocery shopping will help.  We are running on a pretty bleak supply of food.  This allows for poor food choices.  I think as I contiue to add this into my life it will become easier.  Adding something new always is challenging to start until you figure how it will work into your life.  Soreness factor one day after the work out….2/10.

Dr Zales Pre 8WW

Dr Zales adjustmentWow!  This is what I need.  A program to improve my health.  This will be a challenge for me.  I seem to do OK on some of the aspects that will be in the 8WW program but putting them all to gether will be the challege for me.  We don’t plan our meals during the course of a week.  Usually whoever is home first starts cooking something.  I don’t think our meals are ever unhealthy they just might not meet the criteria for 8WW.  Exercise?  I planted 9 plants this Sunday.  Digging into clay, shoveling dirt, carrying water, lifting plants and all in the heat of the day.  Seems like exercise to me.  That represents my exercise.  Dedicated working out…. not for a while.  I am looking forward to this part!   My9 week old son Colter might effect my 8WW program but I have to be healthy for him!  As a wellness doctor I can’t wait to help motivate and improve my patients lives with 8WW!  More later……………