Thank you – Our 2020 Food Drive was a Success!

Staff gathered around the 2020 food drive donations

Thank you to everyone who donated in our annual Thanksgiving food drive! Yesterday we were glad to deliver this haul of donations to the local non-profit SECOR Cares. SECOR provides food and personal hygiene products to needy residents of Arapahoe, Douglas, and Elbert counties. These donations will help local residents who have lost their job, have significant medical bills, or have suffered from another financial crisis. Your donations are helping someone who has been struggling in 2020.

Thank you to our KCHWC community!

2020 Thanksgiving Food Drive

We have partnered with a local non-profit organization called SECOR Cares. SECOR provides food and personal hygiene products to needy residents of Arapahoe, Douglas, and Elbert counties. Though these counties don’t match the vision in your head of what poverty looks like, this is called suburban poverty. Residents who benefit from SECOR have lost their job, have recently divorced, have significant medical bills or have suffered from another financial crisis. Once they are back on their feet they move on with their previous way of life. SECOR is there to help them through their struggle.

You can bring in your donations from Monday, November 16th through Saturday, November 21st. Food donations of canned or boxed items are commonly received but non-food donations are greatly appreciated. These include toilet paper, hand sanitizer, feminine products, soap, shampoo and deodorant to name a few. When it comes to donating think of what you would need or want if you come upon challenging times.

Thank you and we greatly appreciate any and all donations you can give for the families in need this Thanksgiving.

KW, 87 years young, shares her experience with Chiropractic over the past 17

Hear a testimonial from KW, a KCHWC patient for the past 17 years. Now 87, she credits Dr Jim for “keeping her upright.”

We love helping patients, young and young at heart, to live their best. If you’re experiencing headaches, back pain, or other aches, contact us to discuss how chiropractic and other clinic services can help you!

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Daysha’s Chiropractic Story – Adjustments During Twin Pregnancy

Daysha has been part of our clinic community for years. She shares about how adjustments have impacted her health and lifestyle, including currently, while she is pregnant with twins! She explains how adjustments helped alleviate pains and nausea usually associated with pregnancy, as well as helping reposition one twin which was breached, by helping realign her hips.

Please give a congrats to Daysha and her growing family!

And share this for any friends or family who are pregnant and looking to relieve hip pain or balance the positioning of the baby (or babies in this case!) as the delivery day nears!

Ryan, an amateur golfer finds his way back to the golf course with KCHWC clinic services

Ryan a patient and amateur golfer

Back pain doesn’t have to sideline you from the activities you love, or debilitate you from your household routines like playing with your kids.

Ryan came in with back and neck pain and received chiropractic adjustments, Prosoft therapy, laser therapy, and myofascial therapy.

Now is he not only back to playing golf, but his family is happier as he can play with his daughter without having to spend a day recouping on the couch after a good game of golf.

If this sounds all too familiar, let’s talk and make a plan to get you back in the game!

Glenn’s attributes Golf Course Record to KCHWC Treatments

Glenn Wallis, course record holder at Lone Tree golf course

Please share congrats to Glenn Walls – he’s an amateur golfer that broke a 27-year record at Lone Tree Golf Course earlier this month. Glenn has been coming into the clinic and attributes adjustments, cold laser treatments, myofascial treatments, and Prosoft therapy in his return and success after injury. Thank you Glenn for sharing about your journey and congrats on a huge accomplishment!

Virtual: Wellness in the Workplace

On Tuesday Dr. Jim presented online to a company about desk/office work station ergonomics. Much of the workforce has moved to work from home and may not have a desk that they’re used to work at for more than a couple of hours before they were sent home.

If you are feeling pain with your current work from home desk including stiff necks, tight shoulders, back, or hip pain, it’s time to reevaluate your workstation. Contact Dr Jim to discuss. He is also available to do a virtual wellness talk to your company and discuss the fine points of ergonomics so everyone can set up their desk to be comfortable and productive.

The three most important components of any health care program are education, support, and accountability. The quality of your health is completely dependent on the everyday choices you make. With this in mind, the Kambeitz Chiropractic team offers a FREE educational lecture series that will greatly benefit your company, organization or group that you belong to.

We can also do virtual wellness talks for your company if your company is working from home / socially distanced during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Please contact us​ at 303-790-6000 today to learn more about arranging a virtual wellness talk or a wellness talk at your workplace.

Boosting the Immune System with Clinic Services

Doctor Jim Kambeitz walks through the clinic talking about products, clinic services, and general tips to boost your immune system. Learn more about our Kangen water system and the range of water pH that it produces for drinking and for making a strong acidic cleaner, about exercise and the amount necessary to improve immune system function, as well as supplements and vitamins that support your immune system, how chiropractic adjustments also work with immune system function, and laser light therapy treatment to treat a wide array of conditions. We have been serving our community with these services and products for years. As the spread of COVID-19 is affecting our nation and world, we have instituted safeguards to reduce exposure to our patients and staff, while still being able to provide you many of our clinic services. Learn more about our COVID-19 response on our website

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Dr Zales talks about Stay at Home workstation ergonomics

In recent weeks, a lot of office workers in the Denver Metro area have moved to work from home with the Colorado Stay at Home orders in response to COVID-19. While the stay at home orders are intended to slow the spread of the disease, we know a lot of people are feeling pain in their back, hips, shoulders, necks, elbows, etc from their makeshift work from home work stations.

Don’t be tempted to work from the couch! Poor ergonomics can decrease your energy, focus, motivation, and productivity…!

Dr. Zales explains what to look for to set up a great workstation for the time being while you’re working from home.

Need help from Dr. Zales to improve your workstation? Take photos of your workspace, have a family member take a photo of you sitting in your workstation (or set the camera away with a timer delay if you don’t have anyone else in your household – now is the time of social distancing), and email drbryan [at] kambeitzchiropractic [dot] com, so he can see where adjustments may be made for a better, more comfortable and efficient workspace.

Tina’s Shake

You may have heard Dr Jim or Tina talk about their daily smoothies to start their day with a healthy mix of vitamins, healthy proteins, and nutrients.

It is a great way to boost your energy without caffeine. Dr Jim shows how easy they are to make and Tina is sharing her receipe for this morning routine. Let us know if you have any questions and we hope it becomes part of your routine!

Tina’s Green Shake
For 2 Servings
1 Full scoop Vanilla Juice Plus powder
½ apple
½ lemon
Banana- Whole
1tsp- Power blend Omega 3; Turmeric Blend- Power of 3
1 tsp- Maca Powder- Incan Superfood
1tsp- Spirulina & 1tsp Cholorella- Sunfoods Brand; super foods
1 tsp- flax, chia, coconut- Barleans Brand
1 tsp- Matcha Green Tea Powder- Sprouts Brand
½ tsp- Tumeric Powder- Sprouts Brand
1 tsp- Coconut oil- Barleans Brand
Earthbound Power Greens; baby chard, kale, spinach and Muzula
Fill blender ½ with water and ice