No Pain, No Gain… Or is it? Target Heart Rate

A couple weeks ago we wrote about the common gym mantra, ‘no pain, no gain’ and when to listen to your body and find the source of your pain.

Another important aspect of our training program is matching the cardio workout with your age and current fitness level.  The best way to do this is to watch your heart rate.

Your target heart rate is calculated by subtracting your age from 220 and multiplying by the intensity of the workout.  Find your target heart rate by looking across the row that is closest to you age. Continue reading No Pain, No Gain… Or is it? Target Heart Rate

Get Ready for Ski Season!

Kambeitz Chiropractic Ski Conditioning Boot Camp with Cassie

Are You Ready for Ski Season?

Do you want to be able to ski a full day without being exhausted? Have you ever wanted to ski a mogul field without taking a break? Do you want to be able to improve your form and ski more difficult runs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ski conditioning boot camp is for you!

Ski conditioning boot camp is for all skill levels and abilities. It’s for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skier and snowboarders who want to get in shape for a great season of skiing and riding.

Is Ski Conditioning Boot Camp Affordable?

Yes! Each class will cost $20 to attend.

When is Ski Conditioning Boot Camp?

Sessions will start Wednesday, October 24th at 6:00pm and will be help every Wednesday for 8 weeks. Workouts will last and hour and will take place at the clinic.

What if I Need Modifications to the Workout Due to an Injury?

All workouts are customized to each participant’s individual abilities. Kambeitz Chiropractic’s Ski Conditioning Boot Camp will be overseen by Dr. Kambeitz and Dr. Zales.  These classes are instructed by Cassie Wright, a certified Personal Trainer.

How Do I Sign Up?

All you have to do si schedule at the front desk or call 303-790-6000 to make an appointment. On the day of your workout, please be here no later than 6:00pm. Classes will begin at 6:15pm, once every participant has closed out with the front desk.  Please be sure to schedule each workout as drop-ins are not encouraged.

No Pain, No Gain… Or is it? Post Workout Soreness & Functional Movements

There is a gym mantra we have all heard, “No Pain, No Gain.” It has been used by trainers in workouts, by athletes in commercials, and quoted by great athletes.  Certainly when working out your body is exhausted, fatigued and put under stress that it would not have while sitting on the couch. But when does the ‘pain’ you are feeling, prevent you from reaching your athletic and wellness potential?

Not all pain that you feel during your workout originate from the workout itself. We have a variety of patients at our clinic and in our 8 Weeks to Wellness program. There are patients with pain from an old injury, and those with pain from a very recent injury. Some patients’ x-rays show good spinal alignment, while others have poor spinal alignment.

The alignment of a person’s spine can affect outer extremities of the body. A patient with one hip slightly higher than the other may complain of knee pain believing the problem is entirely in the knee but not realize where the problem is originating.

We can only feel 10% of what is going on in our bodies.

At the start of the 8 Weeks to Wellness program we will do an exam and test your functional movements. During the functional movement testing we will identify areas of your body that do not pass these range of motion tests.

Our trainers will then focus a portion of your workout with mobility exercises to stretch and strengthen the area(s) you failed in the functional movement tests. By focusing on these susceptible areas, you will be able to help prevent future injury during your workouts.

While we expect you to be sore a couple days after your group workouts with our trainers, let us know if it exceeds normal post workout soreness. Normal soreness might mean you’re sore stepping out of bed in the morning, going up and down the stairs or lifting groceries. Stretching and your outside cardio usually helps relieve the normal post workout soreness.

Three Days In

Had our first training session with Dusty.  The whole team was there….except Sean.  He had some wedding prep to take care of.  The work out went well for day 1.  I can see this working but hope that I will be able to move into some strength training as well.  Finding time to do the meditation is challenging and my diet is way off the recommendations.  Grocery shopping will help.  We are running on a pretty bleak supply of food.  This allows for poor food choices.  I think as I contiue to add this into my life it will become easier.  Adding something new always is challenging to start until you figure how it will work into your life.  Soreness factor one day after the work out….2/10.