Snow Shoveling Safety

Denver finally had a great blizzard… and some much needed moisture!

And with more snow in the forecast, it’s a good time to remember some tips for shoveling.

If you haven’t been lifting weights or don’t work out a lot – take smaller scoops at a time.  The weight of a shovel of this heavy snow is significant.  You can easily load 10 or 15 pounds in a shovel, depending on the size of your shovel.  Be careful as you fling that snow – we have seen many patients come in with muscle and/or joint pain over the past 15 years from shoveling snow.

Take your time! Shoveling snow can be a workout.  It will elevate your heart rate just as if you were working out in the gym.  Be sure to take rest breaks just as you would during a strenuous workout at the gym.  And just as you would at the gym, be sure to have some water – you can still become dehydrated in the cold.

Use proper lifting technique.  Just as you would on moving day – be back safe.  Be conscious that you’re not hunching over and lifting with your back.  To prevent injury: use a shovel that is the proper length for you, improve your leverage by holding your hands further apart on the handle, and bend your legs a little rather than leaning over the shovel.

 Take care and safe shoveling.

And should you need an adjustment or massage after your shoveling adventures, we’re here.  Call us at 303-790-6000

Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

It’s easy to stress out or self indulge each year during the holidays.  Keep these tips in mind, to start your 2013 off on the right foot!

1. Take things in stride especially long and exhausting to do lists.

2. Avoid overindulging on holiday feasts.  Don’t let your fitness ambitions fail at the end of the year. Remember 8WW participants that you get one forgiveness meal a week, but a week of forgiveness meals will make your goals harder to reach.

3. When you’re starting to get stressed with long lines at the checkouts, post office, or shopping mall parking lots, just take a big breathe.

4. Don’t forget to stay hydrated.  Even if it’s cold, you need to keep drinking enough water.  Remember half of your body weight in ounces.

5. Don’t miss too much sleep or you’ll be sacrificing your energy.

6. Get a little help – avoid exhausting yourself preparing and cleaning up every meal for everyone in the extended family comes to visit.

7. Take a few minutes to relax or meditate.  If you’re in the 8WW program, plan some time to listen to your meditation CD without any distractions.

8. Donate or volunteer your time and your efforts will be rewarded

9. Blow off some steam with vigorous exercise.  Our trainers have special sessions planned.  Come join!

10. Make an appointment for an adjustment or massage.  We have massage specials, give us a call.

From all of us at Kambeitz Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center P.C.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season!


Juggling balls is a fun activity.  It takes great coordination because you don’t watch each ball into your hand.  It takes the ability to know where your hands are and where the ball is and then being able grasp it without looking.  Everybody can learn how to juggle.  Life is about juggling and how many balls you can keep in the air.  When somebody throws another ball into the mix you either continue gracefully or you drop one or all of the balls.  Well……….I can tell you that I haven’t dropped all of the balls.  I am still eating a healthy diet.  Sure I could do better…can’t we all?  Yes I am still working out…at home more than at the office.  I get a much better work out with Cassie and Dusty!   I am taking my fish oil faithfully.  Ultra Meal dropped off ealry on in the program due to some intestinal issues I think it was creating?  The great thing about juggling is you can always get better and learn to juggle more balls!  I am learning!!!

Week 16…ish

Post 8WW lifestyle isn’t too difficult because the program helped me develop lifestyle habits, not do’s and don’t’s and checklists.  Eating healthy is still a goal, and planning is still the vital part of this lifestyle from planning workouts, meals, me time, and adjustments and massages. 

This week I have a renewed strength in cardio.  I have gotten up at 5am everyday so this week to run or go to spinning class, and i’ll have my training session today with the staff at the clinic, and a soccer game tonight!  I feel great too.  A little sleepy, and a little hungry, but for whole foods, not just crap and what’s near by and easy.  I still want to shed a few more pounds and make my total 24 pounds lost, so i have ten more to go, and I know i can do it!  I have to say no to  those sweets, starches, and carb-filled delights, but as Oprah says, “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”.  Controversial statement, I know, but if you think about it, it’s so true!  I have had to buy new pants, and smaller clothing, and i’m loving it!

PLUS, my workouts have been AMAZING.  Yesterday I ran 4.5 miles without a problem! I felt great all day, no joint, hip or knee pain, and a mental capacity above normal because of it.  So i’m making my cardio schedule, grocery shopping list, and food plan, and me-time ( i just ordered a 40 day devotional book on amazong and it’ll get here tomorrow….great way to focus every day).

Week 16, great great great! Habits formed, heart filled, and still on the straight path to wellness!

I also baked chocolate chip pumpkin bread with soy flour (i’m sort of gluten free now), and the trainers gave it the stamp of approval! YUMMMM!

Post 8 ww

I cant believe how quickly the eight weeks went. I was very happy with the results. I wanted to lose some weight but more importantly wanted to tone up a little. Losing 6 pounds and dropping 4 % body fat helped me to feel ever better and be able to see those abs again. My phase angle went from a 8.5 to 9.0 which was huge. Remember phase angle measures the cellular health of our bodies so the higher the better. One of the most important aspects that I obtained from the program was the nutrition. Making sure I have a little protein at each meal and eating every 3-4 hours. Having the ultrameal snacks enabled me to keep my blood sugar levels consistent so I wasnt hitting a wall or feeling sluggish. This also helped me to not overeat at dinner time because if I went from 1 pm lunch to 7 pm dinner than I was so hungry I would overeat at dinner time. So timing of food was important as was portion sizes, the hand method works and food choices was also very important. Eating out happens a lot with me and my family with our busy schedule, but with the knowledge obtained in the program it is very easy to eat correctly. I hardly ever ordered off the menu I would tell the waitress the size of protein I wanted and the amount of vegetables and it would always work out. As you can see the most important part for me and for all of us is the nutritional part, feeding our body with the best food choices is crucial. When we say plan, plan, plan we mean write it down and plan. I have always worked out hard, but it was even better with our trainers and the great workouts we did. The myotherapy and massages is a very needed aspect because I did get sore and needed the muscle work, the program will expose imbalances and weaknesses in the body. The adjusments are crucial to make sure the most important system in the body is firing optimal and that is the nervous system and making sure our joints are moving correctly. Meditating is very important to visually the results and unload the daily stress, I found sitting in my chair at home with my headset on worked the best. Making sure my attitude was always ” I can ” versus making excuses, it is easy to make excuses and be average, but to get optimal or excellent results you need to check your attitude and the results will follow. The program definitely works if we all follow the program correctly. Overall I was very pleased with the results and my next goal is to lose another 3 pounds to get to 185 pounds on my home scale. At 45 I feel great and my physiology and wellness score show that I am functioning great.


Well I finished the 8 weeks and I think it went pretty well.  Of course I know I could have done better.  I am now waiting on the blood results.  I have already seen the BIA and there were nice improvements!  8WW came along at such a perfect time for me as my body is trying to heal and strengthen.  I know I can contiinue with this lifestlye moving forward.  It really isn’t hard if you keep your goals in mind!  Looking forward to the next 8 weeks!

8/ 27 It won’t be long now!

Well we are in final stretch.  About three weeks left!  I feel like I have done pretty good thus far.  I know I could have done better….as I am sure everybody could do better.  Now I feel like I really have to step up my game!  I don’t want to let myself down.  I need to focus on my “WHY’S.”  For me it will require tightening up my diet and getting in more workouts at home.  I know three weeks may not make much change but mentally I will feel better if I can finish strong.

We all have the ability.  It takes finding the motivation to succeed!

I’m back!

Hi everyone!  I know it has been a while since I have posted anything.  Like anything when you add a ball to all that you are juggling one gets dropped……well I picked it up today.  Wonder what will get dropped now?  Just got done with our Thursday AM workout.  I pushed myself with the cardio but I just don’t feel like I am getting an upper body workout.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really enjoy the workouts and I like how our trainers keep it exciting.  I feel like these workouts are great for weight loss but maybe not specific for weight gain?  I know I could be eating more protein and I am sure that would help.  I need to talk to our trainers and ask for help.  Since day one I have gained almost a half a pound.  This has been great for me and so easy!  I will update you on what the trainers recommend for me.

Support is necessary for success.

Week 2 of 8 Weeks to Wellness

Into week 2 of program, day 11 to be exact. We had a great workout with Dusty today, it just goes to show you do not need to spend hours in the gym. I looked at my watch at in 4o minutes we did some great mobility work, ie foam rolling, we did an intense cardio workout and did some challenging strength moves. I feel awesome. I feel good the majority of the time but this has taken how I feel to another level. My right knee that has the screw in it was a little sore, but after my adjustment and massage I feel great. Everybody is having different challenges but to impliment some changes in our daily routine might be a little challenging, but like any challenge there is usually a reward at the end. Planning meals is the biggest aspect and that seems to be going alright even if I have to grab a quick bite, I am eating healthy and even better than I did before. Journalling really holds me accountable. Loving it and excited for staff and patients to experience the difference.