8ww Graduation Day!

Yesterday I completed the eight weeks of the 8ww program!  Boy do 8 weeks sure go by fast!

My original goals were focused around hiking 14ers, having energy on the weekends, stronger in my recreational activities of skiing and biking better, reduce pain from former injuries, and having more ideas for preparing healthy meals.

  • My schedule hasn’t been convenient to hike 14ers this summer… but perhaps I’ll get the chance to do one or two before they’re covered with snow!
  • Energy on the weekends… I still end up missing a lot of hours of sleep during the work week, leaving the weekend for catch up.  It’s something that has a lot of influencing factors, but I’ll be working to improve on for month after month.
  • Strength for rec activities… I’ve definitely improved.  While ski season is at least a month away, I just had a great weekend mountain biking in Durango. I’m pretty intermediate on the mountain bike, but I have to say my improvements on the bike are related to feeling stronger in the arms, legs and core.
  • Reduce pain from former injuries… a lot of progress here! I have a bum knee from running, hiking, skiing that I would rarely put weight on for three years.  While it’s not perfect and still needs time to get 100% this is the first time there’s been any improvement in it during the last three years.  Each adjustment the doctors would test my range of motion, something I didn’t realize was so bad.  The massage therapists focused many myo treatments on my super tight IT bands and hip flexors, which made a huge difference.
  • Healthy meal preparation… I am doing way better, rarely skipping meals! I’m planning better when at Costco or the grocery store.  I knew how to read nutrition labels before, but I just didn’t.  I’m better at taking the time to read food labels.

I will have my post 8ww exam this week.  I’m really curious to see if my cholesterol level went down.  I’ve laid off the bacon, worked out way more, and planned better meals.  I’m definitely excited to see the results that aren’t as visible from the outside!


8WW Services

The Eight Weeks to Wellness Program is an eight week adventure to attain greater health and wellness.

There are a bunch of services included to bring clients awareness of their health and make lifestyle changes to improve their overall health and wellness.

In the program you will have your pre-exam which includes

  • Blood test with full lipid panel
  • Bioimpedance exam
  • Functional movement exam
  • X-rays (if you do not have a recent set of X-rays taken at our clinic)

These will be compiled in our ‘Report of Findings’ and you will receive your Wellness Score Report after all the data from the exam is compiled.

You will get schwag including

  • A gym bag
  • A program guide book and meal journal
  • A resistance band workout set
  • A Blender Bottle
  • A meditation CD
  • Your supply of Omega 3 Fish oil supplement
  • Along with your weekly choice of  Ultrameal (see front desk for available flavors)

Each week you will have

  • Two one hour sessions with our personal trainers in our gym facilities
  • Two chiropractic adjustments
  • Two myo therapy treatments

Upon completion of your eight weeks

  • We will perform a post-exam with full lipid panel blood test, bioimpedance exam, and functional movement exam.

The program isn’t over at eight weeks but rather the start of the rest of your life. Ask about services available for our 8WW graduates!

How do we calculate wellness scores?

Before starting the 8ww program, our Doctors Jim Kambeitz or Bryan Zales perform a comprehensive wellness exam.

There are different types of stress. Including

  • Physical Stress-caused by regular activities, exercise, trips etc
  • Emotional Stress-caused by work, grief, relationships etc
  • Chemical Stress-are caused by nutrition and drugs

A healthy body is able to manage these, but can cause disease in the unhealthy body.

The components of the comprehensive exam are

  • Full lipid panel
  • Computerized spinal nerve scan
  • Bioimpedance analysis
  • Functional movement testing
  • Health satisfaction survey

The results of these tests fall into four categories of wellness, which are:

  • Functional Fitness is an indication of how well you are moving your body. A parameter of this test is fat mass.
  • Functional Nutrition Assesment includes C Reactive Protein, Cholesterol/HDL Ratio, Fasting Glucose, HbA1c, Homocysteine, Insulin, Triglyceride/HDL Ratio and indicates how well you are eliminating toxins from your body.
  • General Health includes BMI, Diastolic BP, Fat Mass, HSS, Intracellular Water, MSQ, Phase Angle, Waist to Hip Ratio and indicates how well you are aging and your risk for developing chronic disease.
  • Neuro Spinal Health which includes Involuntary Nervous System, Voluntary Nervous System indicates how well you are adapting to the environment around you.

The scores for these three areas average to your overall score.

  • An ‘A’ grade indicates optimal health, an example of a wellness lifestyle with the body working at 100%
  • A ‘B’ grade indicates good health the result of wellness education but may not entirely be fully integrated into a wellness lifestyle.
  • A ‘C’ grade indicates maintaining health. There will be no symptoms but nutrition is inconsistent along with exercise.
  • A ‘D’ grade indicates poor health. Symptoms of poor health are present and drugs are used to treat the symptoms.
  • An ‘F’ grade is the state of disease where the person is living a poor quality of life and needing multiple medications to maintain health.

Some patients receive their score and are surprised their score wasn’t higher. Some patients feel that they’re healthy even if there’s a few extra pounds around their mid-section.  Some feel that their daily dog walk or walking their children to the bus stop feel that they’re getting adequate exercise.  The tests for our wellness score may shed light on serious conditions caused by high cholesterol or insulin levels, that you may not have been aware of without testing.

In our eight week program you will be taught how to live your best life with proper diet, exercise and attitude, along with massage and chiropractic.  With these tools your body will be able to better handle physical, emotional and chemical stress.


Treating Headaches with Chiropractic

If you suffer from frequent headaches and think you have tried everything, Dr. Jim Kambeitz explains how chiropractic care can help relieve headache pain.

Most people think that headaches are normal – just a fact of life. The headache however is a symptom from the body saying that something is off, causing the headache.

When treating headaches Dr Jim starts with a scan. The first diagram produced is from the subluxation scan to look at muscular tension in the neck (cervical vertebrae) that may be causing headaches.  Additionally the scan looks at symmetry of the vertebrae and which direction they are being pulled.

After looking at scan results the Dr will palpate the vertebrae to check how C1 and C2 are lined up. If there is tenderness, it is an area to be worked on with an adjustment. After checking out the cervical vertebrae the Dr will also look for tension in the jaw. A deviation may be seen from the digital x-ray.

A chiropractic adjustment can relieve pressure from a nerve that is being pinched by improving the alignment of the vertebrae. The nerve will therefore fire correctly and release pressure from muscles.

Adjustments have helped many of our clients, young and old, with their headaches.  Contact Kambeitz Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center at 303-790-6000 if you’re needing care.

Gluten Free Individuals

I use these great recipes daily for my own gluten allergy.  I find them to be very simple to prepare and extremely enjoyable.  I realize that it is difficult sometimes to find quality tasting foods on a gluten free diet, but it is more simple than you may think.  You really don’t have to sacrifice taste like some people think.  You just need to be a little more creative.  So, here are a few sites that I have found to be very helpful and enjoyable.




8/ 27 It won’t be long now!

Well we are in final stretch.  About three weeks left!  I feel like I have done pretty good thus far.  I know I could have done better….as I am sure everybody could do better.  Now I feel like I really have to step up my game!  I don’t want to let myself down.  I need to focus on my “WHY’S.”  For me it will require tightening up my diet and getting in more workouts at home.  I know three weeks may not make much change but mentally I will feel better if I can finish strong.

We all have the ability.  It takes finding the motivation to succeed!

I’m back!

Hi everyone!  I know it has been a while since I have posted anything.  Like anything when you add a ball to all that you are juggling one gets dropped……well I picked it up today.  Wonder what will get dropped now?  Just got done with our Thursday AM workout.  I pushed myself with the cardio but I just don’t feel like I am getting an upper body workout.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really enjoy the workouts and I like how our trainers keep it exciting.  I feel like these workouts are great for weight loss but maybe not specific for weight gain?  I know I could be eating more protein and I am sure that would help.  I need to talk to our trainers and ask for help.  Since day one I have gained almost a half a pound.  This has been great for me and so easy!  I will update you on what the trainers recommend for me.

Support is necessary for success.

Chiropractic FAQ’s

What is Chiropractic and how can it help me?

Chiropractic is the fastest growing and second largest primary health care profession. Chiropractic is based on the fact that an adjustment helps to facilitate better function with the nervous system.  The nervous system is the master system of the body and will aid in the nerves firing better to every organ tissue and cells of the body.  Chiropractic works on the true cause of pain malfunction.

I’ve never been adjusted before, what should I expect with my first adjustment?

With a manual adjustment you may hear a “pop” that is just a gas release.  The computerized adjustment mechanism will create a light tapping sensation that is comfortable, consistent and computerized.  Eighty percent of people will feel good after their first adjustment.  Ten percent may not feel anything and another ten percent may be a little sore.  This is comparable to working out or doing yard work for the first time.

Can you just “Pop” or “Crack” me?

We don’t just “pop” or “crack” anyone.  We perform an x-ray to look for any more serious underlying problems. We do a scan and palpate the spine to check for the “true” cause of the problem. Sometimes the pain is in a totally different area to cause your pain symptoms.

Chiropractic Bear
The chiropractic bear Dr Jim uses to show kids about their adjustment

Is Chiropractic good for my kids?

Chiropractic is an excellent choice for your kids because subluxations or misalignments can occur at any ate. We get great results for numerous health conditions such as headaches, ear infections, bed wetting, asthma, neck, low back, croup, colic, and learning disorders.  Kids love to get adjusted, it is very light and easy.  Dr. Kambeitz’s kids have all been adjusted since birth.

Do I need to get x-rays taken?

X-rays will help us to see what is going on with the disc and vertebrae. It helps us to see which way the vertebrae are misaligned so we can treat the cause of your pain.

Why do I need to get a scan?

The scan will tell us objective measure of how your body is functioning.  It gives a visual representation of how the nerves are firing to every organ and where there is muscular tension.  It helps to see how you are progressing and improving from your last scan.

Why does my second scan look worse than my first scan?

Scanner used during exam

Your scan may look worse from certain stressors you have been going through.  Let’s take a look at your physical, mental, and chemical stressors to see where there could be an imbalance in your body. Sometimes your second scan can look worse, but we are actually “waking” up your nervous system to areas that may have been dormant or firing incorrectly for quite some time.


What is the Gonstead Method?

It is a manual adjusting technique that is very specific to the vertebrae that needs to be adjusted. You will typically hear a “popping” noise when you get adjusted, and that is just a “gas” release from the joint being adjusted.  This is a normal sound, nothing breaking or snapping.

When do I come back for my next appointment?

Your next appointment will be scheduled depending on the severity of the problem you are experiencing.  A patient with chronic versus acute pain will be treated differently?  At Kambeitz Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center P.C. we measure progress by subjective and objective measures.  Some of your objective measure are to look at your x-rays and see what your spinal health looks like.  We do a subluxation scan to see how your nervous system is functioning and with the computerized adjustment mechanism, we check for joint motion and can detect fixations.

Does my insurance cover Chiropractic? Are you in my network?

We will look into your insurance for you.  We are an out-of-network clinic. If you have out-of-network coverage we would be happy to bill your insurance for you. At our clinic we will give you recommendations on treatment based on our clinical findings and not based on your insurance coverage.

Is it alright if I only come two times this week, I have a meeting?

Well let’s see how your spine is doing. The patient is probably feeling better, but as stated before, we only feel 10% of what goes on in our body.  We will show you the joint fixations (subluxations) with patpation of the your spine and demonstrate where there is muscular tension/restrictions. Just as working out two times a week is alright, three workouts a week will get us better and quicker results.  We have hours available before and after most people’s work hours and lunch time appointments too.

Am I done with my treatment?

At our clinic you can be done with treatment at any point, however it depends on your health goals. Do you simply just want to be out of pain, if this is the case, the original proglem could return after a period of time or do you want to feel and function well all the time? If the latter is important, let’s check some objective measures to see how you are functioning. We can use the computerized adjustment mechanism to see function, palpation of hands and/or subluxation scan.

What is myo-therapy and why do I need it?

Myo-therapy bench
Your myo treatment will be in our new myo-therapy bay

Myo means muscle. We are going to work on the muscles to make sure your adjustments hold much better.  Muscles have memory and will keep pulling the vertebrae out of alignment.  It will create better balance in your body which will help with better function.

What kind of stretches do I do?

The doctor will be giving you light stretches to do once your range of motion starts getting a little easier and is painless.  These stretching sheets will show you how to perform the stretches correctly. Remember there should be “no Pain” when you do a stretch.

Do you offer massage therapy?

We do have massage therapists on staff.  Massage helps aid in the adjustments holding correctly because it decreases the chances that muscle memory will pull the muscle to one side.  It will help with joint motion and flexibility which will help the nerves firing ability and increase your range of motion.

What is the computerized adjustment mechanism?

It is an instrument that does adjustments and can locate where the spine is not moving correctly.  The space age technology utilizes a precise oscillating force with uninterrupted motion to get your vertebrae moving correctly again. It is comfortable, consistent and computerized.

Should I use ice or heat?

Typically, in an acute phase we recommend ice. Ice will aid in pain relief and help the area with decreasing heat and inflammation, which will help in the healing process.  Ice the sore/tender area for approximately 15-20 minutes on the area, and 40 minutes off.  Heat can cause more swelling and inflammation in the early phase.

How long will it take to feel better?

There are two types of care: relief care and corrective care.  Relief care is just relief of symptoms. Corrective care is both relief of symptoms and correction of the cause of the problem. It took time to feel the pain and it will take time to correct the cause of the problem.  In the first phase of care, which is 12 adjustments, I expect you to be symptomatically 20-50% better.

Cooking Adventures

Over the last week, I have been trying out a few of the recipes from the 8WW handbook, and it has been a delightful adventure.  I had family in town and made them the egg and sausage muffins.  Define a muffin?…dome shaped dough baked and eaten with butter.  However, that is not what I did, nor was it doughy at all.  They were more like mini quiches, and quite delectable, making my kitchen smell like heaven in the a.m…combining gluten free turkey sausage (a special gluten free for my celiac best friend, 6 eggs and 6 egg whites, sliced fresh mushrooms, onions and peppers, cheese (added at the end for my lactose intolerant roommate), bake and serve.  SO GOOD!!  We had a smorgasbord of treats that morning.

A few days later I made the Healthy Chili…and discovered the challenges of cooking with raw kidney beans.  Let’s just say my chili came out with a few crunchier bites.  House smelling like heaven again though…this is nice.  Chili is so easy!! you just add all the ingredients in a big pot and let it do it’s thing!!

A few of my friends are trying the vegan diet, and we have had dinner with them a few times this week…I realize that my restrictions in eating exist, but nothing compared to theirs…so I continue to adventure!