Learn About Instrument Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques

Dr Troy Ryan is a chiropractor at Kambeitz Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center P.C.  He took some time to explain the computerized instrument adjustment at the clinic, the Pro Adjuster.

This is an alternative to the traditional chiropractic manipulation, or adjustment.  Some patients can be a little bit apprehensive or worried about being adjusted with traditional chiropractic.   With this style of adjusting there is no turning or twisting, and no sudden movements like you would have with a traditional adjustment.

A patient sits in the upright position, and rests their head into the cradle.

The device has a very sophisticated sensor that can measure and detect subluxations in the spine. Simply by placing this instrument on each vertebra in the spine, the sensor can pick up which levels of the spine are restricted in motion or fixated.  That readings and measurements from the sensor appears on the screen.   Using the screen the chiropractor can determine which areas of the spine I to adjust that day.  The chiropractor will place the instrument on the specific vertebrae that were selected, and can adjust the spine accordingly.

This instrument utilizes an oscillating force and taps 12 taps per second.  The computer itself, will turn off as soon as that vertebra is moving the way that it is supposed to be moving.  Once each vertebrae is adjusted, the chiropractor will move on to the next vertebrae that need adjustment, from the initial readings.

This method of adjusting is great for our pediatric patients, and even our geriatric patients, but really all of our patients benefit from this style of adjusting, especially patients that are in a lot of acute pain.