Over 300 lbs Lost in 8WW – in less than a year!

The doctors and staff and Kambeitz Chiropractic is proud to announce that this week, the program has surpassed another milestone – Over 300 pounds have been lost by program participants since the program launched in August 2012!

Here is the thermometer that we track the progress, as we focus on our goal of helping 8WW patients lose 1,000 lbs.

At the same time each week 8WW participants weigh in and we record their progress.

The program which combines, exercise and proper nutrition is conducive to reaching many health & wellness goals.  Some patients start the program because they don’t want chronic pains to limit their activities, others are there to lose weight, others are looking for an all encompassing program that will help them change their lifestyle.

Program participants  have ranged from all ages, body shapes and fitness goals.  We have had people from their 20s to their 70s participate.  We have had patients who only needed to lose a couple pounds to patients who wanted (and did) lose more… even 25 pounds!

Come check out the thermometer and before & after photos on our 8WW wall of fame, located between the front desk and gym.

And of course we want to congratulate the patients who are working hard, losing weight, and changing their lives.  It’s truly inspiring to see firsthand how patients are feeling better and reaching new accomplishments that they didn’t even expect, through 8WW!

8 Weeks after 8WW – Staci’s Story

Here I am, 8 weeks after 8WW!  Crazy to think that 16 weeks have gone by since I started the journey at KCHWC.  That’s more than a quarter of 2012!

I received my new wellness report a few weeks ago that showed progress with the program.

  • My Cholesterol/HDL Ratio improved from 3.89:1 to 3.27:1
  • My intracellular water improved a little bit, but keeping hydrated will continue to be an important priority for me.
  • My Health Satisfaction Survey improved dramatically.  I felt better having workouts planned and healthy meals already scheduled from the moment I left the grocery store.
  • My Phase Angle from the BIA test improved from 6.2 to 6.4
  • Overall my Wellness score improved from 89 a B+ to 91, an A-.
  • In the Wellness category of General Health, I went from 69, a D+ to 81, a B-

I have continued going to KCHWC to work out in the gym with Cassie one time each week.  While technically there are ski areas that have opened, once the real ski season starts, I’m excited to see how my time in the gym pays off on the slopes.  It’s been awhile since I had a regular gym routine!

That bum knee of mine is feeling pretty good now, allowing me to put full weight on it, without feeling like I’m standing lopsided.  I attribute these changes to better stretching, regular adjustments, and strengthening it during our workouts.

Besides the changes I made for diet, exercise and chiropractic, I’ve prioritized one activity that gives me huge personal satisfaction.  I’ve started reading nearly every evening again.  While schedules get busy, it’s one rewarding thing that usually has nothing to do with work or my busy day.  I relax to a story, and it is kind of my own meditation. I’ve probably finished six or more books in the past 16 weeks when I decided to put my health and happiness as a priority!

I still have some room for improvements, but very happy with the lifestyle and fitness changes I’ve started!

Post 8WW Life-STYLE

The changes that occurred to my life, healthy, and body during 8WW have had an overflow into my lifestyle. I still try my best to eat right, limit carbs in the afternoons and evenings, read food labels carefully, and plan my meals for the week ahead of time. At the end of what would have been week 9, i did another Triathlon. And I blew my previous time out of the water! Literally! My swim improved by almost a minute and a half, my bike by TEN minutes!, and my run by 4 minutes. I knew that this had to do with my physical and mental health due to 8WW. I could not have done it better without the help of a better diet, workout plan, and the mental ability to say to myself “push harder, you’ll be okay!”. It was easy to let cardio fall off the wagon. My life was in mild dissaray outside of the clinic due to moving and other things. SLeeping a little bit longer became more important to me. THen it was my bday and the pumpkin treats that come along with the beautiful autumn season. NOW, about two weeks ago, skipping a workout is not an option. I worked out 6 days last week, and have already knocked out 3 this week with plans for 2 more. And I feel good. The 5am alarm goes off, I have to pack breakfast, lunch, and dinner due to my busy social life and volunteer time monday and wednesday nights, and I am off to the gym for weight lifting, cardio classes, Turbo Kick, and new balance class called willPower & Grace. WillPower and Grace has strengthened more core and leg muscles to the extent that my feet no longer hurt after an 11 hour workday or a weekend of flip flop wearing. I just purchased a few massages from Living Social so that side of it can stay up to date. And I have to say that still the mental empowerment of the diet and exercise, and my positive, joy-filled heart, are able to conquer any task ahead of me. I bring joy into what I am doing, whether that’s at work, the gym, with friends, etc. I am no longer waiting for joy to come from what I am doing. I have to bring it to the table. SO thank you 8WW and Dr. Kambeitz for helping me take the first steps to wellness and continuing to encourage me as I set and acheive new goals! I am blessed!

8ww Graduation Day!

Yesterday I completed the eight weeks of the 8ww program!  Boy do 8 weeks sure go by fast!

My original goals were focused around hiking 14ers, having energy on the weekends, stronger in my recreational activities of skiing and biking better, reduce pain from former injuries, and having more ideas for preparing healthy meals.

  • My schedule hasn’t been convenient to hike 14ers this summer… but perhaps I’ll get the chance to do one or two before they’re covered with snow!
  • Energy on the weekends… I still end up missing a lot of hours of sleep during the work week, leaving the weekend for catch up.  It’s something that has a lot of influencing factors, but I’ll be working to improve on for month after month.
  • Strength for rec activities… I’ve definitely improved.  While ski season is at least a month away, I just had a great weekend mountain biking in Durango. I’m pretty intermediate on the mountain bike, but I have to say my improvements on the bike are related to feeling stronger in the arms, legs and core.
  • Reduce pain from former injuries… a lot of progress here! I have a bum knee from running, hiking, skiing that I would rarely put weight on for three years.  While it’s not perfect and still needs time to get 100% this is the first time there’s been any improvement in it during the last three years.  Each adjustment the doctors would test my range of motion, something I didn’t realize was so bad.  The massage therapists focused many myo treatments on my super tight IT bands and hip flexors, which made a huge difference.
  • Healthy meal preparation… I am doing way better, rarely skipping meals! I’m planning better when at Costco or the grocery store.  I knew how to read nutrition labels before, but I just didn’t.  I’m better at taking the time to read food labels.

I will have my post 8ww exam this week.  I’m really curious to see if my cholesterol level went down.  I’ve laid off the bacon, worked out way more, and planned better meals.  I’m definitely excited to see the results that aren’t as visible from the outside!


Dr. Jim Kambeitz Pre 8ww

Plyometrics boxI am very excited to finally get started with this program. This has been a dream of mine well before chiropractic school. I had a speaker at a conference I attend talk about “watch what your kids do without us as parents telling them to do an activity, what do they do for fun”. This really stuck in my mind because as a father of 3 boys I really watch what they do and I try to guide them rather than “force” them in one direction in life. This comment made me think about how being a Doctor of Chiropractic was a calling for me because it entails everything that I think about from a young boy until now. Hockey also consumes a lot of my thoughts then and now, but hockey and being an athlete help shape me into the Doctor I am today. I constantly think of the foods I am eating, I read food labels just naturally now. I think about how the dyes and processed foods are killing us. I love to work out and push myself, I love seeing people working out because I know how much it is helping there body if done with correct form. I love the aspect of quieting the mind in meditation/prayer because as a society we are bombarded daily with thoughts, approximately 60,000/ day according to Dr. Wayne Dyer. Adjustments have been a weekly habit since my days as a hockey player, If everyone knew the science behind getting adjusted it would be more common in our society. My kids are proof of how the power of the adjustment has kept them so healthy. Just today my son Dino was having a headache and the first thing I did was adjust him, make sure he was drinking water and made him something to eat then did some myotherapy… headache gone without drugs. I am not against drugs but why would you take a drug if you can help element symtoms without taking them. As you can see the reason I love this program is because I know that we will be able to help many more people. Going back to my very first point the aspects of 8ww is something I have been thinking about since I was a kid, this is not work for me, I live this program everyday of my life. Am I perfect at all aspects, NO!, but I will continue to live to my true health potential because our health is the most important asset we all have, everything revolves around our HEALTH. I can’t wait to get started. Today I was writing out my eating plan for the week, with a family of 5 you cant just wing your diet, you need to plan everthing. I cant wait for our first workout with our trainers on Tuesday. At 45, my expectation is to be in the best shape of my life.