How Calories From Junk Food Equate to Exercise

It’s okay, you can admit it. Sometimes you’re in a hurry and need a quick bite, so you make yourself an excuse for fast food, convenience store food, and say, it’ll be okay. And then another day goes by, and you’re in a hurry, and the same thing happens. Or you need a coffee pick me up, or a happy hour cocktail after a long day. But do you really know what are in these foods? It might surprise you, when you look at the calories, and then compare with how much physical exercise you need to do to burn the calories from this one binge. We put together an infographic comparing a few of these, “junk” food choices to the amount of time needed for a 180 pound person running at a 12 min/mi pace. You might be surprised.

As we say in 8WW – Food is fuel.

The fuel you put into your body will result in either good or poor health…. Food is fuel and we need to understand how the fuel affects our body. Knowledge is not power without critical thinking.  With something as important as nourishing our bodies a little thought can go a long way.  (8WW Program Manual, 21, 23)

Want to learn more about the physical exercise needed to burn the extra calories you eat?  We found the chart from very helpful and detailed.

Infographic comparing junk food to exercise

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