A Conversation with Dr Troy Ryan – KCHWC’s Newest Chiropractor

Dr. RyanWe would like to welcome Dr. Troy Ryan to Kambeitz Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center P.C.  In case if you haven’t met him yet, meet Dr. Troy Ryan and learn more about his approaches to wellness through chiropractic, from our conversation with him.

Where did you go to Chiropractic school?
I went to chiropractic school in Portland, Oregon at the University of Western states What was your inspiration to study and practice chiropractic?

I have been treated by chiropractic physicians in my early years and I have always been amazed at how quickly I responded to chiropractic care. I have always been so impressed that I always left a chiropractor’s office feeling much better than when I arrived. From that I knew there was something special about the chiropractors in my early life and that has always stuck with me. The curiosity of chiropractic led me down the path to further investigate the profession, lifestyle, and business.What are some of the most common questions from people who have yet to be treated with chiropractic?

People want to know if a chiropractic adjustment is painful. People want to know what are the risks involved, if any. People want to know how soon they will start to feel relief from their injuries. People like to know how long I had to go to school to become a chiropractor.What are the most common ailments that people complain about that you treat with chiropractic?

Mechanical low back pain is one of the more common symptoms/ailments that patients will want chiropractors to treat.Do you have any techniques or advice for people who are uncomfortable getting manual adjustments?

The activator technique or the pro adjuster (computer assisted adjusting) is an alternative to manual adjusting. Such alternative adjusting can produce the same amount of force and load on a particular joint in the spine as a manual adjustment. It is uncommon to hear an audible cavitation/pop. However, the effectiveness of such a technique is high and patients can receive asymptomatic relief from their initial complaint. How has chiropractic improved your own health and wellness? 

Chiropractic is so much more than just correcting misaligned vertebrae in the spine. Chiropractic is about a holistic approach to preventative health. Nutrition, diet, and exercise are all parts of chiropractic. I am eating better and exercising regularly to maintain optimal health so that I can carry-on as a chiropractor to lead by example for my patients.