Summer Strength & Conditioning for Youth Athletes

We are excited to announce that this summer, we will have an 8 week strength and conditioning program available for youth athletes. The program is designed to increase speed and strength for athletes from age 12-17 years.  It is ideal for club athletes and high school athletes alike, across sports and positions played.

Machovka_StrengthenWhat: Summer Strength & Conditioning Program for Youth Athletes

When: The 8 week program starts on June 2nd and will involve two group training sessions per week. Morning and afternoon sessions are available.

Where: The gym at Kambeitz Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center P.C.  The gym is within our clinic facility at 7100 S. Clinton St Suite 110
Centennial, CO 80112.

Who: The program is designed for athletes ages 12-17.

There are a limited number of openings per session so sign up today! Enroll  your child by calling the clinic at 303-790-6000.

Help prepare your athlete for their favorite sports, the safe and effective way.

Daysha’s Thoughts: Pre 8ww Program

Red Balance BallAs I head into the 8WW program, I am both excited and nervous. I am excited because I know that I am going to learn great new things about a balanced diet, self-control, reading food labels, important facts about supplements, and so much more. I know that as I progress into wellness, I will be more energized, wake up every day with more energy and excitement, and lose those few extra pounds I’ve been carrying since college. I know that planning ahead will be a big challenge for me. From planning my meals to scheduling my workouts, I have to be on top of it all the whole time. It’s easy to be lazy on a Sunday afternoon instead of planning my meals for the week. And I’m such a social butterfly, it’s hard to go to bed early and get a workout in before work. This program will be a lot about positive discipline and test of self-control as I begin this adventure. I am excited to boost my energy, get physically stronger, and make daily decisions to see the world in a positive light. It’s going to be a great 8 weeks.

Sean’s Thoughts: Pre 8ww Program

Rack of dumbellsPre Day 1: Adventures of Sean on his 8WW journey…I am excited to push my fellow employees to health greatness and challenge myself physically and mentally as I go down the road to wellness. I look forward to developing my body into a temple of what it
should be. Gaining muscle and strength will change my endurance levels at work and in mountain biking. The challenges I believe I will face with be in the area of diet. Portion sizes and decreasing my beer intake (I am a beer connoisseur) will take great self-control. However I am excited to see the changes in my mind, body, and soul. Balance will be a great success for me. Hope you follow me on my journey to wellness!

Tracy’s Thoughts: Pre 8ww Program

DumbellsI am excited about getting more toned in the workouts. I’m not too worried about losing
weight, so I want to look like I did ten years ago in college: toned and in shape. I know
my strength is going to increase as well. I am excited to build up muscle to increase my
metabolism, which in turn burns more fat. My challenge is going to be finding time to do
everything that 8WW has to offer. Balancing work, workouts, planning meals, family
time and leisure will be a great learning experience, and I can see how that will help me
continue to develop a wellness lifestyle.