Post 8WW Life-STYLE

The changes that occurred to my life, healthy, and body during 8WW have had an overflow into my lifestyle. I still try my best to eat right, limit carbs in the afternoons and evenings, read food labels carefully, and plan my meals for the week ahead of time. At the end of what would have been week 9, i did another Triathlon. And I blew my previous time out of the water! Literally! My swim improved by almost a minute and a half, my bike by TEN minutes!, and my run by 4 minutes. I knew that this had to do with my physical and mental health due to 8WW. I could not have done it better without the help of a better diet, workout plan, and the mental ability to say to myself “push harder, you’ll be okay!”. It was easy to let cardio fall off the wagon. My life was in mild dissaray outside of the clinic due to moving and other things. SLeeping a little bit longer became more important to me. THen it was my bday and the pumpkin treats that come along with the beautiful autumn season. NOW, about two weeks ago, skipping a workout is not an option. I worked out 6 days last week, and have already knocked out 3 this week with plans for 2 more. And I feel good. The 5am alarm goes off, I have to pack breakfast, lunch, and dinner due to my busy social life and volunteer time monday and wednesday nights, and I am off to the gym for weight lifting, cardio classes, Turbo Kick, and new balance class called willPower & Grace. WillPower and Grace has strengthened more core and leg muscles to the extent that my feet no longer hurt after an 11 hour workday or a weekend of flip flop wearing. I just purchased a few massages from Living Social so that side of it can stay up to date. And I have to say that still the mental empowerment of the diet and exercise, and my positive, joy-filled heart, are able to conquer any task ahead of me. I bring joy into what I am doing, whether that’s at work, the gym, with friends, etc. I am no longer waiting for joy to come from what I am doing. I have to bring it to the table. SO thank you 8WW and Dr. Kambeitz for helping me take the first steps to wellness and continuing to encourage me as I set and acheive new goals! I am blessed!