Are You Getting the Best Drinking Water?

We All Know Drinking Water is Good For Us

Water filterThe recommendation we follow is to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day.  If you are going to drink water, shouldn’t it be healthy? May is National “Drink Water Month.”  Want to make drinking water part of your healthy habits?  At Kambeitz Chiropractic, we have installed a water ionizing and alkalinizing machine for our patients use.  This water has many benefits.  Here are the top four.

  1. Alkaline water is antioxidant water that strengthens your immune system by neutralizing free radicals.  Free radicals are the result of poor diet, stress, pollution, medication etc.
  2. Alkaline water is high pH water.  Did you know that cancer, chronic fatigue, weight gain and many other illnesses thrive within an acidic (low pH) body?
  3. Alkaline water energizes your body by delivering nutrients more efficiently to your body’s cells.
  4. Alkaline water hydrates your body better.  These water molecules are smaller making them up to 6 times more absorbable by your body.

Next time you are in the clinic bring a jug or buy one of ours and try the healthiest water around!