Change Up Your Workout Routine

Personal Training
A personal training session with Cassie is a great way to switch up your workout routine.

When was the last time you changed up your workout routine?

It takes the human body between 10 and 16 weeks to adapt to an exercise regimen.

And are you sure that you’re working out all the muscle groups? Do you have exercises for your back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, abs and legs?

If you’ve been doing the same routine for more than a few months it is probably time to shake it up.  Not only will this challenge your body, it will be refreshing to try something outside of the norm!

If you haven’t worked out in our gym start with a complimentary 30 minute workout with one of our trainers.  Set up your session today and start changing your routine tomorrow!

8 Weeks after 8WW – Staci’s Story

Here I am, 8 weeks after 8WW!  Crazy to think that 16 weeks have gone by since I started the journey at KCHWC.  That’s more than a quarter of 2012!

I received my new wellness report a few weeks ago that showed progress with the program.

  • My Cholesterol/HDL Ratio improved from 3.89:1 to 3.27:1
  • My intracellular water improved a little bit, but keeping hydrated will continue to be an important priority for me.
  • My Health Satisfaction Survey improved dramatically.  I felt better having workouts planned and healthy meals already scheduled from the moment I left the grocery store.
  • My Phase Angle from the BIA test improved from 6.2 to 6.4
  • Overall my Wellness score improved from 89 a B+ to 91, an A-.
  • In the Wellness category of General Health, I went from 69, a D+ to 81, a B-

I have continued going to KCHWC to work out in the gym with Cassie one time each week.  While technically there are ski areas that have opened, once the real ski season starts, I’m excited to see how my time in the gym pays off on the slopes.  It’s been awhile since I had a regular gym routine!

That bum knee of mine is feeling pretty good now, allowing me to put full weight on it, without feeling like I’m standing lopsided.  I attribute these changes to better stretching, regular adjustments, and strengthening it during our workouts.

Besides the changes I made for diet, exercise and chiropractic, I’ve prioritized one activity that gives me huge personal satisfaction.  I’ve started reading nearly every evening again.  While schedules get busy, it’s one rewarding thing that usually has nothing to do with work or my busy day.  I relax to a story, and it is kind of my own meditation. I’ve probably finished six or more books in the past 16 weeks when I decided to put my health and happiness as a priority!

I still have some room for improvements, but very happy with the lifestyle and fitness changes I’ve started!

Daysha’s Thoughts: Pre 8ww Program

Red Balance BallAs I head into the 8WW program, I am both excited and nervous. I am excited because I know that I am going to learn great new things about a balanced diet, self-control, reading food labels, important facts about supplements, and so much more. I know that as I progress into wellness, I will be more energized, wake up every day with more energy and excitement, and lose those few extra pounds I’ve been carrying since college. I know that planning ahead will be a big challenge for me. From planning my meals to scheduling my workouts, I have to be on top of it all the whole time. It’s easy to be lazy on a Sunday afternoon instead of planning my meals for the week. And I’m such a social butterfly, it’s hard to go to bed early and get a workout in before work. This program will be a lot about positive discipline and test of self-control as I begin this adventure. I am excited to boost my energy, get physically stronger, and make daily decisions to see the world in a positive light. It’s going to be a great 8 weeks.

Staci’s Pre 8ww Thoughts

I too feel excited and nervous to participate in the 8ww.  I had the opportunity to start the program with the Kambeitz Chiropractic staff when I just started to learn about the program.  I feel that I eat well, but don’t always take care of myself well – I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t really enjoy working out, I don’t plan my meals and will often skip meals when I’m busy.

I definitely think this program can be an opportunity to learn how to do better things for myself from nutrition to exercise.  I was active and athletic in high school and college and enjoyed the structure from high school cross country to college ski team.  After college there was a while that I  enjoyed going to the gym, and a while that I enjoyed running with a friend.  I enjoy less structured sports like biking (road and mountain), skiing, and hiking 14ers, but these are all rather seasonal sports.

I would like to improve my strength for hiking, biking and skiing and avoid some of the injuries from these sports that continually pester me.  I also think this program will allow me to be more introspective on how I can maintain a lifetime of good health while I’m still in my 20’s before I reach my 30’s!

Karin’s Thoughts: Pre 8ww Program

Elliptical machineLooking forward to the 8WW, I am both excited and nervous about how the program will test my willpower for eating, and being able to physically accomplish the workouts. Those three words consistently come to mind as I begin to see the continued wellness lifestyle habits developing: TEST MY WILLPOWER. I am a chic and fashion-conscious kind of girl, and am excited to have my clothes fit better and to see how my jeans begin to fit better and boost my confidence even higher. A big concern I have is that I will bounce back after the program. I have done other programs successfully, and afterwards made little decisions based on my success that slowly change the eating habits I have created. A little bowl of ice cream or a few extra drinks at the bar on Friday night, and I am slowly but surely headed back to where I was before. So as I do this program, it will be interesting to see where long term lifestyle changes stick or where they become a bit
flexible in my daily routine.